RecruitMilitary Search Tips

RecruitMilitary supports the use of boolean search terms that allow the searcher to access additional capabilities of the RecruitMilitary search engine.

Example Search Filter Description
Accounting AND Quickbooks Include Term If a common word is essential to getting the results you want, you can include it by putting “AND” in front of it.
Management OR Consulting Either Term Include results that contain either word. This is useful for searching for different words with similar definitions.
Sales NOT Retail Exclude Term You can exclude a word from your search by putting “NOT” immediately in front of the term you want to exclude from the search results.
"User Experience" Phrase Search Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. Words marked in this way will appear together in all results exactly as entered.

If none of the above search operators are used, a search for marketing data research is a search for marketing and data and research. Results with more matches are scored higher.