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Welcome to this month’s Incoming!, RecruitMilitary’s career tips newsletter for military veteran job seekers registered in our database. If you have not visited our site recently, get back in there and check it out, With over 500,000 jobs posted by over 4,000 companies, you’ll want to ensure you have a current profile and set-up alerts to learn about new jobs every day.

Also, as we head into the holiday season, we sincerely wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. Through our work to connect more veterans with careers every day, we’re continually thankful for your service to our nation. 

Veteran Success Story - For Best Results: Step Up!
Sean Bruce has a formula for success that he wants to share with other veterans.

After spending 20 years in the Air Force in both the enlisted and the officer ranks, his military background in compliance, standards and evaluation came in handy. He uses those skills daily in his work for Midfirst Bank in Oklahoma City.  “They want people who understand compliance. I would’ve never made that connection on my own,” he relates. Read his five tips for landing a job here.

Job-Search Tip - Map Your Network.
Attending a job fair is a great place to find employers who are hiring. As RecruitMilitary’s Director of Events, John Lundberg talks to hundreds of veteran job seekers every week.

The recipe for a successful career fair starts by pairing a great lineup of candidates and a stellar group of companies who want them, says Lundberg. “Beyond that, the connections they make are up to them. We can’t tell companies whom to hire or force veterans to visit each booth, so I try to encourage the candidates by sharing success stories.”  Read more.

Featured Employer - Parsons
Parsons has more than 1,000 jobs posted on RecruitMilitary’s job board in fields ranging from engineering positions to contract administration to IT support.

Parsons is an engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm that is seeking more veteran employees, many for cybersecurity roles, a field poised to experience rapid growth through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jake Beltz, a technical recruiter from Parsons’ Columbia, Maryland office and a former Marine himself, is working hard to make that happen. The cybersecurity field is “pretty hot and heavy right now,” he says. Parsons likes to hire veterans for many reasons - their training and security clearances being at the top of the list. “A lot of the work we do coincides with what the military is doing,” Beltz points out, citing missile defense support, working with government contractors, technical support, and construction projects all over the U.S. Read more.

Featured Industry - Information Technology
This field is poised for 22% growth, making it one of the fastest-growing occupations through 2020.

Information Technology professionals are connected to almost everything that gets done in the business world. They are as important as any other department in most companies when it comes to strategizing, planning, and creating revenue – and not just as supports of the other departments. Read more.

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