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XML Job Feed / Bulk Jobs XML API Documentation

This documentation provides guidelines, instructions and support for automated posting and updating of jobs to the RecruitMilitary Job Board using an XML job feed. A client who can provide an XML job feed directly, or a third-party representing the client (ATS, job distributor, etc.), should follow this documentation.

If you have questions or need to confirm the compatibility of alternative file formats or delivery methods, please contact jobfeeds@recruitmilitary.com.

Getting Started

Create and regularly update an XML document containing your open positions that meets RecruitMilitary requirements (see Element Definitions). Provide it to RecruitMilitary in one of the following ways:

When your XML job feed is ready, contact jobfeeds@recruitmilitary.com with:

Element Definitions

The following elements may be named differently in your XML job feed. Ex. You use <jobDescription> instead of <description>.

Please enclose description values in <![CDATA[ ]]> tags if you would like to use markup language such as HTML.

Element Required Description Example
<job> Yes Holds all elements and associated data related to a job. Include one <job> element for each job to be displayed on RecruitMilitary. Below are the elements to be included within a <job> element.
<title> Yes The title of the job. Do not use values that are not a job title. Information Systems Manager
<city> Yes* The city where the job is located. 50 characters max. Loveland
<state> Yes* The state where the job is located. Use standard two-letter abbreviations. If the job is located outside the US, use a geographic designation like province or region. OH
<zip> Yes* The zip code or postal code where the job is located. 45150
<country> Yes* The country where the job is located. USA
<description> Yes The description for the job. <![CDATA[ This is the job description... ]]>
<url> No The URL to redirect applicants to the job listing on your website. yourcareerpage.com/job/123
<reference> Yes A unique job ID. RecruitMilitary uses this to identify the job, do not change it. 1234567
<category> No This is the work category for the job. Enter up to 10 categories. Use the IDs listed here corresponding to the category. For multiple categories, separate by a comma and a space. 101, 131
<requirement> No These are the qualifications needed or desired in applicants. Please enclose all data in <![CDATA[ ]]> tags if you would like to use markup language such as HTML. <![CDATA[ Certification A, Certification B ]]>
<type> No This is the type of job. Enter up to four types. For multiple types, separate with a comma and a space. Types available:
  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Employee
  • Contract
  • Internship
  • Seasonal
  • Apprenticeship
Full-Time, Apprenticeship
<contact_name> No The contact for the job. Sarah Washington
<contact_email> No The contact email for the job contact. sarah@washington.com
<hide_contact> No Use the value "true" to hide the contact name on job posting. true
<hide_email> No Use the value "true" to hide the contact email on job posting. true
<salary_from> No This is the minimum starting salary for the job. 60000
<salary_to> No This is the maximum starting salary for the job. 80000
<salary_period> No Use this when <salary_from> and <salary_to> are used. Use the ID that corresponds to a salary period:
  • 1 = Per Year
  • 2 = Per Hour
  • 3 = Per Week
  • 4 = Per Month

*Location is required but flexible. For example, if you provide a postal code value in <zip> then <city> and <state> are not required. If a job is remote, to ensure the job appears in the results of a remote search use the term "remote" in the title or description.

Sample XML

Note: <jobs> and </jobs> are the root elements. <job> and </job> serve as the delimiter between individual jobs.



      <title>Information Systems Manager</title>

      <category>101, 131</category>
      <description>This is the job description.</description>
      <requirement>Certification A, Certification B</requirement>
      <contact_name>Sarah Washington</contact_name>

Common Questions

What are the options for delivering the job feed to RecruitMilitary?

Can other file types be accepted?

Confirm the compatibility of alternative file formats by contacting jobfeeds@recruitmilitary.com.

Are other job feed delivery methods available?

Confirm the compatibility of alternative delivery methods by contacting jobfeeds@recruitmilitary.com.

What location information is required?

The following combinations meet the requirements: US city and state or Zip code. If the position is outside the US, include the country. Jobs with only country information are accepted but receive low ranking in relevancy in searches.

What if I have the same job in multiple locations?

Provide a separate job posting for each location.

What if my job is a remote position?

Include terms "remote" or "work from home" in the job's title or description. This will allow the job to be included in relevant searches.

Will all my jobs appear on RecruitMilitary's Job Board?

Jobs within a feed that are missing required elements will not be posted.

Does RecruitMilitary accept job postings in languages other than English?

Please limit languages that the posting is written in to English, Spanish or French. Job postings in other languages may be filtered out and not posted.

How often does RecruitMilitary read the job feed and add and update job postings?


What happens if my job feed doesn't include the URL to redirect applicants to the job listing on my website?

Applicants will apply directly within RecruitMilitary.